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What Makes Us Different?

In a cost comparison, we often lead the way in regard to price, quality and service. We provide you with the same quality product as other places, but our prices are so low, we’re hard to beat! How? We don’t accept union, medicaid, medicare or other commercial insurance plans.  This allows us to keep our pricing low and our quality high.

Our Focus Is To Save You Money

You might not realize, but when you pay for a product or service through your insurance, you actually pay more than what the actual cost of that particular product or service may be.  It is true!  In order to provide their service, the Insurance Company will negotiate a special rate for services and add that to the premium which you pay.  This price is typically over and above the actual cost of the service being provided.  We decided, “Why pay more?” You can now take advantage of paying direct for our low prices and obtain out-of-network reimbursement to pay the lowest price possible for all of our products!

Free No-Insurance Cost Comparison

If you’re not sure how this works for you, just call us today for a FREE cost comparison.  Our helpful staff will gladly answer all of your questions and guide you through the process of how much you can expect to pay for your eye exam, prescription glasses or contact lenses.  We gladly accept all major credit and debit cards and will help you submit forms through employer flex-spending accounts or reimbursement accounts.

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marco insurance comparison - mt. vernon eye care

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