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What Are Safety Glasses?

Safety Glasses are special frames that fit snug around the face protecting the eyes from external conditions.  Safety glasses are used on farms, construction sites, in laboratories, and in industrial jobs where debris from machinery or chemicals can be airborne.  If you don’t wear contacts, getting a good fit on safety goggles can be difficult.  That’s where we can help with prescription Safety Glasses.  We can custom fabricate your prescription to be included in your safety glasses so that one single lens both protects your eyes and corrects your vision.

Choose from Popular Brands at Affordable Prices

We have the best selection of approved safety frames in the Mount Vernon area including Wiley-X’s line from sports and safety frames.  They come in a variety of colors, sizes and wrap-around designs.  We even carry children’s sizes!  Our certified opticians will make sure your new frames are custom fit to your comfort and maximum protection.  While all glasses come with our standard rock-bottom pricing, when you add your employer’s safety reimbursement benefits, your new frames will be next to nothing!

Bring Us Your Prescription and Save!

Compare and see how our Private Pay approach cuts out the middle-man and saves you money.  Even if you went somewhere else for your eye exam, bring us your prescription and let us show you how our fast, friendly, affordable service will win you over and make you part of the Marco family of customers!

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